Well hello all!
To give you some background to this blog, I am very passionate about two things:
1. Cool beauty products
2. Trying new things
Put those two things together and you get that I have never used the same beauty product twice! I’m always trying something new and different across the range of great beauty, skin and body care products and sharing my reviews with my friends.
My friend asked me if I have any staples, or any products that I love and have to use all the time. The answer is no, because by using the same product how would I know if that one truly is the best?! I have to try them all! That’s the premise of this blog, I’m going to write about all the different products I try, and share with you so that u can enjoy the ones u think u will like. Your own guinea pig haha!
I hope you enjoy this blog, looking forward to seeing your comments and suggestions. Iv already been requested to write about mens products, watch this space!

P.S. You can follow me on twitter @TanyaHol