I have never used a shower SUGAR scrub before so I was excited to try this product which I picked up at Boots. It smells scrumptious and is the perfect scrub to use in the lead up to gradual tanning/fake tanning routines for summer. I have previously used scrubs that contained sand or oats, not by choice but because they are the most common shower scrubs, and they were all good (I may write a review of the St Ives Invigorating Shower Scrub in the near future) however this scrub leaves my skin feeling totally scrubbed and moisturised too, almost like the product hasn’t washed off at all.  I have found it to be the best prep so far for the gradual tanning moisturiser I use, and I think the fact that it is made by fashion brand FCUK makes it feel more luxurious even though it is a similar price to the other scrubs available out there. Ladies, if you are prepping for summer fake tans, try this product.