I have tried a few eye creams over the last few months but none have I actively thought was doing any good until I came across Nivea Q10 Plus ANTI WRINKLE Refreshing Eye Roll On. My boyfriend and I have been using it every day (sometimes I forget to use it but he never forgets!) and we have both visibly noticed the difference it has made! The trick is first shake it vigorously and not apply it directly under the eyelashes, rather to apply it just above the cheek bone. Any cream applied under your eye is automatically drawn up towards the skin under your eyes. We have noticed that this area of the eyes feels more hydrated and definitely is less darker than before. I know I promised a few reviews for my aussie readers as well as the guys who read my blog who said they would try a product if I recommended it on the blog – here you go guys and girls, I highly recommend this product!