As the new range of Champneys spa products launched in Boots recently I was eager to try one of their new shower scrubs. I picked up the watermint shower scrub, and I was a bit hesitant at first because I’m not a big fan of mint (eg. I used bubble gum flavored toothpaste until the age if 16 before succumbing to the awful taste of mint toothpaste). I thought that the mint in this product may invigorate my skin with it’s refreshing qualities.
What I have now got on my hands is pretty much my worst mint nightmare. When I used this shower scrub it was like washing myself in toothpaste!! It even has the same colour and texture as mint toothpaste – light green and slightly bubbly. I am not sure how widely this scrub was tested on target markets however I am pretty sure most people wouldn’t like smothering themselves in something like toothpaste everyday – or maybe that’s just me?!