Love this product – what a lifesaver! I think the original dry shampoo product on the market was Klorane however you can’t beat Batiste for price and also variety. Dry shampoo works particularly well if you spray it onto the roots of your hair as it takes away the oily appearance of hair if you are a day behind washing etc (late night/ran out of time in the morning kinda thing!).  It is also great for after the gym workouts to freshen your hair, and my hairdresser also just taught me a great trick – use it on the first and second day after your wash on your roots to boots and uplift your roots! I am now swearing by this technique and for this reason I cannot wait to get my hands on Batiste’s new XXL Turn Up The Volume Dry Shampoo. And for all you brunettes out there it is now available in dark spray so it doesn’t look like you have tipped baby powder on your head – which, lets face it, is what we all used to do before dry shampoo!