Ladies, want to go blonder, but not more orange? Well then this product is NOT for you. John Freida’s Go Blonder Shampoo does help to enhance the highlights in your hair and does this by lightening even more already lightened parts of your hair – which is not good for bottle blondes who have a bit of red in their hair, like me. Also, the product made my hair feel really dry after using it (thank god for conditioner!), and after using it for a few weeks I noticed my hair turning that lovely orange colour that I try so hard to avoid by going to the hairdresser every six weeks and getting my hair dyed professionally. I should have known better, as I was a bit apprehensive to try this product but I was eager to buy it here in the UK as I couldn’t find it anywhere in Australia. So I say, ladies, be warned, unless you have naturally blonde hair or no red in your hair at all, this product is not going to lighten your blonde locks – it may instead bring out those yucky orange tones.