This is probably the most expensive hand cream I have ever bought and will ever buy. I was excited to try the luxury product, Burt’s Bees hand salve, but what I didn’t realise is that it would be very hard to actually use (it is like a balm so can be hard to apply when you are on the move, on the phone, in the car, on the tube, etc) and it also has a very strong eucalyptus type smell –so when you do apply it people on the tube turn around and look at you.


I think it is a nice product but after months of sharing hand cream with my friends when we are out and about, after using this hand salve for the first time my friends politely decline using it again, it is just too much effort!


The hand salve I think does work for longer than most hand creams but this depends on how much you are able to apply. It also not quick absorbing – if I apply the salve and then try to write on paper, the salve marks the paper with such an amount of oil that you then can’t write over that part of the paper with a biro!


I still feel that I could apply this product more often as well if only it was easier and quicker to use. I have taken to leaving it in the sun to melt around the edges so that the balm is softer and easier to grab out of the metal tin. It can also be hard to pull the tin lid on and off once you have plastered your hands with the hand salve!


Perhaps this product is for more severely chapped and dry hands (it does say this on the website but not on the packaging), but I would like to think that this would then help my hands  even more. It is a nice product to have but I am waiting for it to run out and can’t wait to try whatever hand cream is on my list next. Suggestions anyone?