I know this product is not in a similar price range to any of the products I have reviewed on my blog so far but I just have to share my review of this mascara with you all after trying it out in a free Dior eye make over session. I have always been skeptical of coloured mascaras (outside of brown and black), I think I must be traumatised by the hair mascara phase in the late 1990s – that stuff was bloody hard to get out, and why would anyone want green hair?! Anyway, I digress…This plum mascara, from Dior’s new range, is amazing. It is dark enough to darken and plump up your lashes but it is also soft enough in its colour to really soften your eye look. It does not look plumb in colour but you can tell it that your eyelashes are not covered in anything as harsh as heavy black mascara. The beauty of this plum mascara, therefore, is that you can do a few coats and it won’t look overdone – if anything it will enhance your eyes. I think it would suit most skin/make up types but I would recommend asking the Dior sales assistant to try it on you before you buy, just to be sure – as it is one expensive mascara! To all the girls in the UK, Dior is offering free eye make overs until the end of July, book yourself in for one now!