Thanks to guest blogger Bethany Poore for this great post about make up bargains online. Most importantly, be sure to check out her Facebook page ‘Sephora: please ship to Australia’! It is a VERY worthy cause ladies (details below)!

I’ve been searching for years now for my favourite makeup brands at the lowest prices. It’s time to share what I’ve learnt with this my top three hall of fame favourite makeup web sites.

These tips are designed for Australians, but if you live anywhere other than USA they’ll still be useful. Northern Americans: you already get the bargains everyone else wants.

1. Winner – lowest cost, quickest delivery: StrawberryNET

For anyone living under a rock who’s never heard of Strawberrynet, it’s the bargain basement of makeup.


  • free shipping
  • items typically arrive quickly (to Australia) because they ship from Hong Kong
  • great prices
  • well established business, I’ve been a customer for 5+ years and know many people who have used Strawberrynet, never heard a complaint


  • popular products and/or popular shades often not available

2. Winner – big brands at a decent price: All Cosmetics Wholesale

I use Studio Tech face powder by MAC. At Myer, it’s $54. It took a long time to find a well-priced alternative, many online
makeup stores don’t even stock it, but then I came across ACW. It cost me $37 (without postal insurance).


  • great prices
  • good range of popular products eg full range (all shades) of MAC


  • web site lay out could be better
  • moderate shipping costs (in some ways offsets the very cheap prices they offer, but you’ll still come out well ahead).
  • slow delivery to Australia (mine took 3 – 4 weeks to arrive)

3. Winner – best range: eBay

That’s right, good ol’ eBay has a huge range of makeup.


  • Great range
  • Vendors compete for your business, driving prices down
  • Great easy-to-search site
  • You can see check the track record of each seller.


  • I find the additional shipping charges from some of the US eBay vendors steep.

4. Wishlist – Sephora

Having given my top three, it is time for a wishlist entry – Sephora. Sephora wins on every front: great prices, huge range, excellent web site experience… but they don’t ship to Australia. Please like my ‘Sephora – please ship to Australia’ facebook page to try to change this.