What a discovery! This very cost effective gradual tanner from aldi is pretty much what a girl needs when preparing for summer. The gradual tanner is combined with a firming cream which sets this cream apart from its competitors. I have been on the lookout for a combination of these two creams for a while so I was so happy to find this one.
The gradual tanner definitely provides a natural tan look to your skin, does not stain your hands and does not smell of tanning products at all. It actually has quite a pleasant smell to it. The firming agent does work somewhat and I have probably only noticed a small change to the firmness of my skin.
Nonetheless this is a great gradual tanner and one that I will definitely be coming back to over the next few months. Aldi’s beauty brand lacura is getting more and more noticed so keep your eye out in beauty mags for reviews and beauty award nominations.