James brown hair texturising spray got a great wrap in England and in Australia so I was keen to try it out on my wavy locks.
It has quite a distinct smell and it’s not like your normal hair products – it smells more like chemicals than the flowery scents we are used to.
I didnt really like the effect it had ob my hair – my hair became quite limp and my waves were not accentuated at all unlike other texturising products I have used in the past.
It also made my hair quite oily by the second day, and I was often having to reach for the dry shampoo – which I like to use as more of an emergency product.
I stopped using it before I reached the end of the bottle which is a first for me with my beauty products. All this is not to say that it would work quite effectively on curly hair that is then blow dried. I would be interested to hear what you curly hair people who have tried it think!