I first came across this when I went for my first make-up appointment at Napoleon Bondi Junction, the day of my university graudation. The make up artist applied Napoleon’s primer underneath my make up and I also got a sample which I used only for special occassions – when I needed my make up to last all day.

Seven years later, I picked up the set of primer at the famous Napoleon sale in Alexandria, scoring the normal primer as well as the BRONZER primer. Lucky me!

I’ve alternated between the two primers over the differing seasons and can always rely on the primer to set my make up all day, as well as protect my skin. I rarely use foundation without this primer, and I have a few other primers ear marked to try in future.

This primer has a very lightweight formula that goes on easily, but you should wait a few minutes before applying your foundation.  If you are in a real rush you can mix your foundation and primer together for a one off application.

Primers can be seen as unneessary steps in the beauty routine but they really can protect your skin from any nasties in your foundation.  This pronzing primer is one of a kind and I can’t wait to start using it again in the summer months.Image