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In my effort to get rid of pesky little spots on my face, I read that witch hazel has been proven to smooth skin, while removing dirt and impurities from pores GENTLY.

The results replicate exactly that! My skin is smoother, there are less spots, or potential for spots, and a little goes a long way.

This natural product is available from any chemist and an $8 bottle will last you about three months. Use it as a toner after cleansing and before moisturising.witch-hazel


This Covergirl mascara is cheap but handy. It really makes your eyelashes stand out by separating them with its brush, and curves your eyelashes at the same time. I felt a bit doll like if I did two coats so I’d recommend one coat is enough, and a touch up later in the day if you are heading out.
I was pleasantly surprised by this mascara, and I think Covergirl knows their stuff when it comes to mascara as they have so many in their range.
Good one to keep in your handbag!

Again, another Rimmel product I am not satisfied with. I think it’s a sign I should just give up on them!
This mascara is heavily advertised but applies clumpy, thick and always makes it onto my face – either above or below my eyes. It is also very wet, takes ages to dry, and leaves a nasty panda eye either straight after the shower or the next morning – its hard to remove.
Wouldn’t recommend this at all, especially when there are so many good cheap mascaras out there – ahem maybellibe great lash!!

I am not at all impressed with this foundation. I bought this foundation as it was touted as a great dewy look foundation. Yes – dewy at first when you apply, but not even as long as 25 hrs later (more like four hours later) the foundation is cakey and matte (!).
It doesn’t feel nice on your skin at all, and for ’25 hour wear’ that’s a long time to feel uncomfortable. I’ve also had to reapply this foundation in the evening when going from work to play – not my idea of long lasting foundation. Furthermore, due to the change in texture of the foundation, it makes it hard to reapply where you need it most. You may as well start all over again!!
I wouldn’t recommend this foundation – its cheap and unlike other low cost products (Garnier bb cream for example), you can tell the Rimmel foundation only cost $15!


I was eager to try some of the lacura products from also after hearing a good review at a recent hens night. I tried the cleanser milk which was ok – nothing special but did the job – and then started to use the cleanser gel. The first time I used it some of the foam splashed into my eye, which left me with a very sore eye, so much in that the affected part of my eyeball was raised and swollen until I woke up the next morning. Thinking that it was a one off, I used the gel again and the same happened in the other eye – and was very painful and irritable. Needless to say I binned that cleanser! If it makes my eyes swell it can’t be too good for the skin on my face!

I have already recommended the physicians formula concealer duo to a friend so I have no hesitation in recommending this on my blog.
This concealer duo, made up both yellow concealer cream (bags under the eyes) and pink concealer cream (blemishes) is my cheap replacement of Bobbi browns amazing concealer which I just can’t justify paying $90 for…yet!
The yellow concealer gives the best coverage if dark circles I have seen in a long while, and the pink concealer gives great all day coverage.
Be sure to use the yellow concealer right under your bottom eyelash line, as the consistency of the cream does not allow it to be spread across that sensitive area of the eye – and it’s best not to pull and prod at that skin too much either. Just apply with the applicator brush and dab with your finger. Also remember to use the pink concealer to meet the line where the yellow concealer ends underneath your eye to make sure it easily blends into your skin.
At $20 and from priceline this is a great product.

I read a review of this product as a great tinted moisturiser so you can imagine I was so glad to get my hands on it on my second last day of being in the uk!
For all you london girls, I would definitely get your hands on this if you are in the market for a tinted moisturiser.
Providing you with enough coverage to last all day, it also gives you that dewy finish which has become so popular.
For heavier coverage you can apply two coats, but wait some time before you apply the tinted moisturiser on top of your normal moisturiser to get the best effect.
The pump applicator is perfect for no mess in the mornings and it gets out those very last bits too! One pump is all you need for entire face coverage – and one tube has lasted me more than three months, and I have been applying every day!
Great value for a tenner!

The original and still the best! Rumour has it that Naomi Campbell swears by this fantastic mascara in that great fluro pink and green packaging. This mascara also comes in a waterproof version and I love the brown black version as oppose to the straight black. Brown black gives you a softer look, is great for already dark lashes and is perfect for daytime wear. I participated in a photo shoot recently and did not even blink when I saw that the make up artist was applying this mascara to all involved. A beauty classic!!

This mascara is a great mascara to really get your lashes curled right up. It was new to the No7 product line when I bought it and I have been pretty happy with the results. One trick I have learnt is to coat the top of your top lashes first and then go from the bottom of the top lashes – even holding the mascara wand in place at the tip of the eyelashes to create a really curly dramatic effect. A few coats never goes astray with this mascara, and I have found that it lasts well all day. Great to keep in your handbag for the day to night transition effect.

This eye gel comes with a double feature of eye cream for above your eye, which is why I thought we would give it a shot. While I think the gel is good it ran out quicker than the eye cream so I had to find a new replacement very quickly. I think it might be handy for there to be some instructions on the packaging so as to remind users how much to apply, so as to not run out of one cream before the other too quickly. I do like Garnier face products so I would be willing to try their other eye creams, but I would be cautious before believing exactly what it says on the tin.