I was hesitant at first to try this body butter due to the fact that it is made by Vaseline. I have found body butters to be thick and take a bit of elbow grease to apply and rub in. I decided to give it a go because it was so cheap.  Also there’s no denying that body butter is a winter essential.
So…I am absolutely in love with this product! It’s perfect for winter as it smells like hot chocolate and it not thick at all – in contrast it is one of the easiest and nicest body butters to apply that I have tried in a long time. It absorbs quickly which is very important because I can jump into my pjs sooner!
I’m now curious to try other Vaseline products – watch this space!


Thanks for all your great support for my Changing Beauty blog over the last 18 months or so. I am very excited to share with you all that I have been shortlisted for a BeautyHeaven Australian BlogStar Award for my blog post about Physician’s Formula Concealer Duo: https://changingbeauty.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/physicians-formula-concealer-duo/ 

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Thanks! xT


This leave in treatment by KMS is a good moisture treatment but not the best out there. I use it on an alternative basis with my blonde toning treatment, but it doesn’t leave my hair feeling soft straight after washing unlike the blonde treatment.
Nonetheless, it does the trick with my hair. Once it dries as it feels soft and silky as my other latest favourite leave in treatment. I’d recommend it as a good add on product but not a staple.

This blonde treatment mask, although incredibly purple, is a god send. Yes I know I’m not a blonde anymore, but it’s a fantastic toner and helps keep colour vibrant. Also, it really is a treat for your hair. Instantly hair feels soft, and the feeling lasts until your next wash!
The container holds so much treatment that after six months I have hardly even made a dent in the amount – there’s loads! Love that!
I alternate this product with another moisture boost treatment for my hair and it doesn’t have anywhere near the same effect!
It’s from specific salons only and I’m sure it can be bought online. Must have for blondes and warm brunettes.

This Covergirl mascara is cheap but handy. It really makes your eyelashes stand out by separating them with its brush, and curves your eyelashes at the same time. I felt a bit doll like if I did two coats so I’d recommend one coat is enough, and a touch up later in the day if you are heading out.
I was pleasantly surprised by this mascara, and I think Covergirl knows their stuff when it comes to mascara as they have so many in their range.
Good one to keep in your handbag!

Again, another Rimmel product I am not satisfied with. I think it’s a sign I should just give up on them!
This mascara is heavily advertised but applies clumpy, thick and always makes it onto my face – either above or below my eyes. It is also very wet, takes ages to dry, and leaves a nasty panda eye either straight after the shower or the next morning – its hard to remove.
Wouldn’t recommend this at all, especially when there are so many good cheap mascaras out there – ahem maybellibe great lash!!

This is for all those lucky people going into summer. After one very unfortunate case of sunburn, and one bottle of aloe Vera moisturiser later, I grabbed the banana boat aloe mist instead – I remember we used to keep the same in the fridge when we were little.
It worked wonders just over night. Skin immediately cooled, the redness went away and I reckon it prevented our skin peeling too.
If you can do a funny dance when you get it sprayed on you it’s also a funny experience – at least for others watching anyway. The mist can really make you jump on burnt skin, especially when it’s straight out of the fridge!

Wow. My London hairdresser was right. She won a competition because she described this product as ‘sex’, and that is definitely what it feels like for your hair.
You don’t need much of this purple gel, on wet or dry hair, to achieve maximum effect. It gives great shine, bounce, and texture all at the same time.
I tested it pretty well – on three day old hair – and got LOTS of compliments. Magic! Normally I wouldn’t even let my hair get to the three day stage, but this did the trick, and tricked everyone else in the process.
This product is expensive ($40) but a little goes a long way. I waited to get my hands on this for so long and I finally did – no looking back on other texture products now!
Ps look online for a cheaper price.

I snapped up this hand cream on a recent trip to aldi and for the first week or do was happy with the results in line with the very low price. A week or so later I started to use it again but found that the consistency was completely watery and not cream-like at all. It also had no effect on moisturizing my hands. I didn’t even bother finishing this product – I binned it ASAP!

I am not at all impressed with this foundation. I bought this foundation as it was touted as a great dewy look foundation. Yes – dewy at first when you apply, but not even as long as 25 hrs later (more like four hours later) the foundation is cakey and matte (!).
It doesn’t feel nice on your skin at all, and for ’25 hour wear’ that’s a long time to feel uncomfortable. I’ve also had to reapply this foundation in the evening when going from work to play – not my idea of long lasting foundation. Furthermore, due to the change in texture of the foundation, it makes it hard to reapply where you need it most. You may as well start all over again!!
I wouldn’t recommend this foundation – its cheap and unlike other low cost products (Garnier bb cream for example), you can tell the Rimmel foundation only cost $15!