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This moisturiser is wonderful if you love the feeling of soft, hydrated skin 24/7.Product-Detail_Body-Lotion_11115_BodyMilk_essential-nourishment_lrg439-111541 Now that we are in winter, our skin is constantly covered, and we can start to feel the effects of dry flaky skin. This moisturiser combats dry skin with a lightweight milk that is easy to apply. Its moisturising properties are so intense, it really should be a body butter! Thank god it’s not!

This moisturiser comes at a great price for fail-proof soft, hydrated skin all day long. Highly recommend!


jasmine-soap-tinLooking for last minute Christmas gifts for that hard to buy man or woman? I have the perfect beauty gift that’s bound to be a pleaser.

Scottish fine soaps, available at David jones, have released cute soaps in tins that you just won’t want to throw away.

The luxurious soap is perfect for those who travel, or for those who like to enjoy a little bit of luxury at home.

I tried the jasmine soap and it was soft and gentle, but moisturising on my skin. My tin is a lovely lime green which I’m keeping, and there are other creative tin designs in the range.

I don’t want this soap to end!! Great stocking filler also.

Well, I might have to take back that Palmer’s Gradual Tanning Moisturiser is the best on the market in my opinion.

I’ve been using Vani-T Bronzing Custard (a gradual tanner) for a month now and I am just continually amazed at the results. It gives skin a very smooth, tanning glow that doesn’t look too heavy or bronze. I use it every second day after exfoliating to maintain a subtle tan, but if you want a heavier tan or have a special event on, using this two days in a row will definitely do the trick. No wonder Dannii Minogue buys it in bulk!

It has a thicker consistency (probably where the name custard comes from), which makes it a bit more of a task to apply in summer, nonetheless, doing it after you shower and exfoliate will ensure a little goes a long way.

It only has a very subtle scent, which does not stay with you all day.

In fact, the tan is so nice from this product that I would even consider using it during Winter, which is normally a big NO NO from me. This product enhances a healthy glow which doesn’t look obvious or overdone.

I would definitely recommend asking Santa for this product! Online purchase recommended.

This body lotion is to die for in winter. It is cheap and will keep your dry skin cheerful in the cold months. I’ve found it to be better are more moisturizing than some other top of the line body butters. It definitely keeps skin hydrated for at least 24 hours.
It is a thick consistency so it can be hard to spread on, so I can recommend doing it while your skin is still moist from the shower or bath if you are lucky enough to have one of those!
This product gives off that good ol Nivea clean scent – you would be able to recognize it anywhere.
I’d recommend it as a good cheap alternative to body butter in the winter months.

I was hesitant at first to try this body butter due to the fact that it is made by Vaseline. I have found body butters to be thick and take a bit of elbow grease to apply and rub in. I decided to give it a go because it was so cheap.  Also there’s no denying that body butter is a winter essential.
So…I am absolutely in love with this product! It’s perfect for winter as it smells like hot chocolate and it not thick at all – in contrast it is one of the easiest and nicest body butters to apply that I have tried in a long time. It absorbs quickly which is very important because I can jump into my pjs sooner!
I’m now curious to try other Vaseline products – watch this space!

This is for all those lucky people going into summer. After one very unfortunate case of sunburn, and one bottle of aloe Vera moisturiser later, I grabbed the banana boat aloe mist instead – I remember we used to keep the same in the fridge when we were little.
It worked wonders just over night. Skin immediately cooled, the redness went away and I reckon it prevented our skin peeling too.
If you can do a funny dance when you get it sprayed on you it’s also a funny experience – at least for others watching anyway. The mist can really make you jump on burnt skin, especially when it’s straight out of the fridge!

I snapped up this hand cream on a recent trip to aldi and for the first week or do was happy with the results in line with the very low price. A week or so later I started to use it again but found that the consistency was completely watery and not cream-like at all. It also had no effect on moisturizing my hands. I didn’t even bother finishing this product – I binned it ASAP!

Now I’m not very big on foot products but I couldn’t resist trying out this supposed ‘foot magic’ soothing and moisturising cream. The smell is a bit strong (not unpleasant but similar to eucalyptus oil) and it can be slippery if you walk on anything other than carpet straight after applying so it makes sense to suggest to apply as you hop into bed.
I’ve been wearing heels a lot for work recently and I basically look forward to using this cream at the end of everyday to soothe my poor tired feet. It also has great moisturizing properties and you wake up with your feet soft and supple, and unfortunately ready to take on the next day of running around in heels…hmmm gotta do something about that!

Although the name of this product may be a bit of a tongue twister it is definitely worth searching for in the body care aisle. Just can’t get enough of this product and it is up there with my favorite body scrub by Palmer’s. This body scrub has a great nourishing and scrubbing texture, it smells great but not too overpowering and sweet, and lasts for heaps of washes! My only concern is how do I get the last bits out of the bottle – as the thick texture combined with the thick squeeze bottle can equal a slippery struggle in the shower! A great value product from Palmolive – this is a shower luxury!

What a discovery! This very cost effective gradual tanner from aldi is pretty much what a girl needs when preparing for summer. The gradual tanner is combined with a firming cream which sets this cream apart from its competitors. I have been on the lookout for a combination of these two creams for a while so I was so happy to find this one.
The gradual tanner definitely provides a natural tan look to your skin, does not stain your hands and does not smell of tanning products at all. It actually has quite a pleasant smell to it. The firming agent does work somewhat and I have probably only noticed a small change to the firmness of my skin.
Nonetheless this is a great gradual tanner and one that I will definitely be coming back to over the next few months. Aldi’s beauty brand lacura is getting more and more noticed so keep your eye out in beauty mags for reviews and beauty award nominations.